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A Severitus fic...
Can't even remember the story line BUT a pretty long fic where near the end Harry wanted to do a ceremony for Severus (about being his son??) and he did it in front of a lot of people (professors and weasleys?) in the great hall, he dressed up for it and everything (in black perhaps?), but actually did the wrong ceremony cos he read the wrong book (due to fred and george moving books in the library?), and it was in fact a ceremony for death or something. Harry got really embarassed ect and ran for it... back to Severus' quarters or outside- not sure. This was NOT the main part of the story but the only thing I can remember ToT

Searching a fic where Harry looses his memory
I hope you can help me. I already tried everything I remembered on the google search.

Some time ago I read this amazing fic where Harry and Draco are a couple and after Harry defeats Voldemort he gets hit by spells from the surviving Death Eaters. He looses his memory.
I think the story began in St. Mungos with Draco and a therapist after he tried to kill Harry because he couldn't take it any more. What I remember is, that Draco left him for a time and was some kind of music star. Harry made journals to remember things. And that every other person in their lifes saw Harry getting better, but Draco was somehow blind to it. Oh and Draco had a fling with Charly somewhere along the way.

Anyone know the story? Where ca I find it?

Looking for these two fics.
I've been in the mood to read some old fics that I really loved and I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone have any copies of Never Left Behind and it's sequel How the Other Half lives? I think the author was either Professor McKitten or Minerva Alistor. Hopefully someone has a copy of it because I've been dying to read them again. :)

Thank you!

Harry Potter raised differently
I am new here so here it goes. I thought this was on FF but I could not find it. What I remember is that Dursley finds Harry on his doorstep and takes him to Gringotts where he is adopted by one of the Goblins. He is raised as a Goblin and then goes to Hogwarts as usual. Later he finds out Draco is his soul mate. They later fight Voldemort.

That's all I remember.

Help finding this would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I got things wrong. It was a Harry/Hermione story. You can find the story here:

Lost creature!Harry fic
I'm looking for a long creature!Harry fic that I read a while ago on fan fiction.net. In the fic Harry finds out that he is a vampire from his mother's sire and that he is now the ruler of the vampire clan. Harry is angered and frustrated by this news because he feels that there is too much responsibility on his shoulders but is forced to accept his fate. During mealtime at Hogwarts, Harry leaves Draco and his friends to travel with his Sire to the vampire clan in order to gain control of his abilities. During his time away Harry speaks with his parents and is able to communicate with Draco through dreams. When Draco and Harry reunite Harry's hair has grown really long and is streaked with gray.Harry is also not on good terms with Dumbledore so Harry and his friends (Hermione, Ginny and Ron I think) decide to stay with the vampire clan in order to prepare for the fight with Voldemort. I also think that Drarry hasn't gone all the way b/c Harry is very careful with Draco b/c he's afraid to hurt him so Draco has to handcuff him so that Harry can finally relax and not worry about satisfying Draco. I don't know if this fic is completed or not.Does anyone know what it is? Thank you.

Does anybody have a copy?
Hello I'm looking for "the letter by paganangel." Also white horses by jackie stevens. I don't think it's on line anymore,does anyone have a copy that they don't mind sharing. Thank you.

Need help finding a particular fic!
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Draco throws Harry his wand
I would be very thankful if someone can reccomend me some well-written fics with Draco throwing Harry his wand at the final battle. If there is sex, please add a position warning.
Thank you everyone!

Lost Fic, Need Help Finding!
Destany Santana Goodloe
There's a fantastic Drarry fic out there that I lost when my parents switched my phone for a new one. Here's everything I can recall:
1. Harry and Draco fight a lot before Draco finally leaves him
2. Harry is pregnant and ends up havinf the baby (a boy) alone
3. The baby is colic-y and won't stop crying; Harry is unable to sleep and he can't seem to feed his son
4. When bathing him, he considers letting the baby just slip under to stop his suffering
5. Ends with his friends breaking his wards or his Floo, and helping him with the baby and his sickness/depression
6. Draco comes back to him
I know that's a lot to look for, but I've tried for days with all manner of combinations of words and phrases to find this fic. Any help or link would be appreciated!

Mpreg fic
Hello I found this on a different site and no one found it. Harry and Ginny were married and they couldn't conceive a child. Ginny doesn't want a baby was supposed to get inseminated. Draco is in the same hospital for some reason, and the doctor inseminate Draco instead of Ginny. The guys end up together at the end of the story. Please let me know if you have this story. Thank you. Angeliquebe@gmail.com


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