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Harry/draco, speicif and theme recs
Ok. I have been out of this fandom for a very long time, and am really hoping to track down some fics I really enjoyed back in the day, and ask for any good, complete, longish recs in the themes i will go into below.

Specific fic
1. AU Hogwarts 6th/7th year I believe. Draco has either always been a girl and has been forced to act like a boy for her father or (and I think this is the correct one but I'm not 100%) Draco is being turned into a girl by his mother and wears a glamour in school until he is to be married off. Whichever one it is, Harry sees beneath the glamour and ends up helping Draco, they get together and are very happy... I presume, seeing as those were the sorts of fics I tend to read. lol.

2. Post Hogwarts EWE, written before deathly hallows even came out I think. Harry and Draco are teachers at hogwarts. Harry was DADA or transfigurations and Draco was Potions (definately). Ii know something happened to Harry and Draco got stuck picking up the slack of his classes and dealing with the gryfindor students. Then Harry returns, Draco assumes none of the students or other staff are going to want him around anymore, and is surprised when the kids keep coming to him and Harry slowly learns that Draco isn't all bad and they get together.
It isn't the awesome fic where Harry ends up in a coma and Draco has a pet bettle that I only just read yesterday, but it was that fic that reminded me. (I had a look but can't find the link in my history, sorry guys if you wanted it)

3. The only real bit I remember is that Draco is thrown out of his home over the summer hols and meets harry who looks after him. He's been hurt by his father I think. They end up getting together after Draco is kidnapped and tortured later in the fic during Draco recovery. I know snaps was a big part of it as well as Draco godfather.

Rec themes please
4. Potions Teacher Draco. I honestly don't mind if Harry is another teacher, a students father, an auror or whatever, just as long as Draco is a teacher and they get together.

5. Slow build where they dislike each other at first but eventually get together, without too much empashsis on thbp or dh. AU's are fine.

6. Any fics where Harry is unthinkingly or unknowingly quiet cruel or dismissive of Draco in the start of their relationship, Draco takes it for some reason, before something happenes to make Hharry realise he's hurting Draco and he makes it better.

I would rather no meek, weakwilled Draco's. I don't much enjoy a fic where he behaves like a weeping maiden. (I am aware that one of my specific fic requests he made indded act like this, but that's purely nostaglia. lol). And no overbearing Harry.

Please and thank you you are all so kind!

Trapped!Aurors fic

I'm looking for a fic where Harry and Draco are aurors (not sure if it's both of them) and are trapped in a safe house with a little girl. They begin as enemies, I think, but as the story unfolds Draco starts caring about the child too and his relationship with Harry gets better. I don't know the spoilers policy so I won't say anything about the end.

It's an old one and posted in a fest journal but the link took you off site. It might have been the hd_worldcup or the Big Bang fest.

Any pointers would be appreciated!

Bottom Draco !! Asking for a friend
On the hunt for a fic I read quite awhile ago, that I actually remember very little about...the first being that I really enjoyed it, and the second being that Draco was the bottom in the relationship but was embarrassed because it wasn't befitting a Malfoy to not be the top. His housemates (I think) were teasing him, so Harry rather publicly announced "maybe I'm the one who takes it up the arse" so people would lay off Draco about it. I think he was talking to Blaise and I'm almost positive that bit took place at the entrance to the Great Hall. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I've asked around a bit, and got links to some good stories, but once I'd read them all, none were the exact one I was searching for. It is not "Big Dick Come Quick" or "Why Insulting the Boyfriend is a Bad Idea" even though both are great stories and have similar components to the scene I described. Honestly, it has now moved from the "want to read again" category into the "driving me mad because I need to find it to prove to myself I'm not crazy" category. Can anyone help?

Draco has a heat, Harry refuses potion?
Hi all, I'm trying to find a fic, might be a veela fic but I'm not sure. Basically Harry is Draco's mate of some sort, and Draco is going to have a heat. Snape brews Harry a potion to be able to keep up with the heat, which harry refuses at first. But then once they get into it, Harry does realize he needs a potion so ends up taking it.

Thank you!

(no subject)
Hi! I was wondering if you could help me find a fic I read a while ago where Harry and Draco lived in the same muggle neighbourhood but didn't realise, it was a kid fic with both Albus and Scorpius at hogwarts and Draco and Scorpius would often go over to the potters for tea. I also remember Ginny picking up Albus from Hogwarts in a sports car and it broke down and Draco had to give them a lift home in his car. Thanks!! Sorry the description is vague!!

Help please!!!!!
Rhema Philip
I realize im abit late to this but im looking for a drarry fic called "double edged sword" by roma fics? Im not sure ive got the authors name right.i keep on finding a hexfiles link that keeps on redirecting to a blank page on Ao3.help please!!

Draco gets cursed to be a frog fic
I've searched everywhere for this fic and am at my wits end! The story I am looking for is about Draco getting cursed to turn into a frog unless Harry kisses him a few times a day. The transformation to and from frog is painful for Draco, so though Harry starts out hating Draco he feels bad enough for him that he willingly lets Draco kiss him. Draco then gets greedy and demands more and more from Harry while being cold to him outside of when he forces himself on Harry who is slowly developing feelings for Draco. Eventually Draco desires Harry so much that he takes what he wants from Harry who he curses to be silent so Harry isn't able to explain to Draco that he loves him too. Draco feels like a monster until Harry shows him how much he returns his affections, and they live happily ever after. Please someone help me find this, I've been searching for this for so long :(

Unable to find 2 fan fics
I'm trying to find 2 fan fics. Both include sex and homosexual relations.

The first is one that I read years and years ago. It was set and The Burrow and the 2 main characters were Harry and Draco and there was a fair bit of sex between the 2. If i remember rightly Draco had to stay for some reason (to stay hidden for his own safety perhaps?) I think somewhere in the story we find out that somebodies soul is trapped in draco or draco is possessed but I'm not 100% sure about that.

The second is a story I started reading quite recently (maybe 2 weeks or so ago) and have been unable to find it since. The first few pages gave a great deal of detail into the life of the characters. For example if I remember rightly it explained that Blaise was bullied by Theodore, Harry was beat with belts on his bare behind by Vernon and Dean and Seamus could be found on the edge of the forbidden forest doing some sort of wiccan or pagan type magic (I think) but I could be getting stories mixed up. What I remember from the actual story is that harry ends up being some sort of healer and there's a part when he is travelling home after his first year I think when Blaise runs past their compartment naked. Harry and the gang protect Blaise from Theodore (who had stolen Blaises clothes and I think he has cursed him). Harry then heals him and explains to Blaise that he is now connected to harry and his friends. Once off the train Hermione and Blaise go to Gringotts to deposit Blaises family heirlooms into Hermiones vault to keep them safe.

Any help would be much appreciated. Especially with the latter as I'm dying to see how the story goes.

A Severitus fic...
Can't even remember the story line BUT a pretty long fic where near the end Harry wanted to do a ceremony for Severus (about being his son??) and he did it in front of a lot of people (professors and weasleys?) in the great hall, he dressed up for it and everything (in black perhaps?), but actually did the wrong ceremony cos he read the wrong book (due to fred and george moving books in the library?), and it was in fact a ceremony for death or something. Harry got really embarassed ect and ran for it... back to Severus' quarters or outside- not sure. This was NOT the main part of the story but the only thing I can remember ToT


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