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Search engine for anything and everything related to Harry/Draco.

This community is for anyone looking for a particular story, or theme of a story, featuring Harry and Draco. All you have to do is JOIN to gain posting access. Although, you do not have to be a member to comment, so please don't hesitate to help others find their searches as well.

Searches may include but are not limited to:
Bullet - Red HeartAudio - Stories spoken aloud.
Bullet - Green HeartAuthor - Author's have a habit of disappearing. If you are in need of an autho's livejournal/website/or downloaded stories of a particular author.
Bullet - Red HeartDescription - Any length is fine, as long as it has the searchers have something to go on (ie. more than just, "It is H/D.")
Bullet - Green HeartFanart - Any graphics such as banners, icons, wallpapers, art that is centered around Harry, Draco, or both.
Bullet - Red HeartTheme - Any theme is acceptable, whether it be pertaining to certain trait (Elf!Draco), a centerpoint (jealousy or mpreg), or the overall mood (dark&angsty).
Bullet - Green HeartTitle - If you know the title, or part of the title, that is often a great starting point.
Bullet - Red HeartVideo - Over the years, there have been a bucu of fanvids. You can look for one in particular, or request fanvids in general.

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